How the ACA is run

Under the ACA Constitution, the Main Committee manages the business of the Association on a day by day basis.

Since March 2016 the Main Committee members are also eligible to be shareholders of the Association of Consulting Actuaries Limited and – as such – this latter body manages the day to day business, delegating executive responsibilities to the Directors of the Limited company who are also the Officers of the ACA, elected at the AGM.

The role of the Main Committee is also strategic with Main Committee Members setting and reviewing the strategies and policies of the ACA (and associated budgets) and monitoring/reviewing achievements.  In addition, the Main Committee plays an important role as a wise, experienced and informed sounding board able to offer guidance and constructive challenge to the Directors, ACA Committees and, where appropriate, ACA Members.

The Main Committee and Directors delegate certain day to day activities to be performed by a Permanent Secretariat and, additionally, a number of committees and working parties have been established to monitor and provide guidance in public policy matters across a range of specialist areas.

For further details go to ACA Officers and ACA Committees.