Aims and Objectives

The Association’s Purpose is:

To provide leadership on issues having a bearing on the actuarial consulting sector and to influence decisions made by the Government, regulators and other bodies within and outside the UK.  This is achieved by:

  • promoting the importance of the work done and services provided by consulting actuaries.
  • providing leadership and guidance to the sector on issues which may affect its public image and reputation.
  • researching and analysing policy and making representations to decision makers and other opinion-formers to secure improvement in the legal and regulatory framework in areas where consulting actuaries are qualified to speak.
  • facilitating the exchange of information and deliberations between ACA Members on matters which concern them and other organisations that work in the same fields as the ACA and its Members..
  • working in liaison with the Actuarial Profession to develop the role and enhance the standing of the consulting actuary.