How to Join?

There are five classes of Members of the Association:-

  • Full Members
  • Associate Members
  • Affiliate Members
  • Retired Members
  • Honorary Members


Membership is open to any individual who is engaged substantially whole time in a business providing consulting actuarial services and who is not limited, through the relationship with their employer (if any) or with any third party or otherwise, as to the scope of the advice the individual gives to any client of theirs or of their firm by interests other than those of the client.

Members must also be Fellows of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (and/or any other recognised professional body of actuaries recognised by the International Actuarial Association) or be Affiliate Members of the said Institute.  An individual who is an Associate Member of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries who has also completed three years’ post qualification relevant work-based skills experience is also eligible to seek membership.  The decision of the Main Committee is final in such matters.

Members are initially admitted as an Associate Member provided that the Main Committee shall have power to place the applicant directly into the Full Member Class.  An individual who is a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries or other recognised professional actuarial body who has been an Associate Member for a continuous period of 3 years and also continues to satisfy the said conditions shall thereupon become a Full Member.

Any Associate or Full Member of the Association who no longer satisfies the above conditions shall immediately cease to be a Member, but may, if they satisfy certain conditions become an Affiliate Member, the decision of the Main Committee being final in such cases.

Retired Membership shall be open to any Associate, Affiliate or Full Member who the Main Committee is satisfied has fully retired.

For an application form to join the Association please contact us.